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We offer confidential, independent, professional, expert advice and services for:

businesses seeking quality candidates for employment, and individuals looking for guidance and advice in preparation for and securing employment, relocation and settling within a new environment.

What we specialise in

Our Services

Career counselling and consultancy

Career counselling is a professional service that aims to support individuals in making informed decisions about their career development. It involves assessing an individual’s interests, skills, and values, and providing guidance on career exploration, goal-setting, and decision-making strategies.

Journey to Employment – employee guidance and assessment

Our skill in employee guidance and assessment based advice allows us to provide comprehensive and tailored support to both job seekers and employers. We offer expert guidance on career development, interview preparation, resume writing, and employee assessment, helping individuals make informed decisions and organizations make successful hiring choices. We work on building an individual’s presentability, employability and confidence.

Personal Budget Management

As part of our corporate social investment goals, we advise individuals on managing their personal budgets and provide easy-to-use tools for monitoring income and expenses. We offer this service as part of our Career counselling and consultancy package at no additional cost. Individuals who relocate to a new country are guided on what to expect in their new economic environment. 

With You Every Step Of The Way

What Our Clients Say

The job search coaching service was incredibly helpful and provided me with the guidance and tools I needed to land my dream job.

Client A

The careers coaching service exceeded my expectations and helped me make significant progress in my professional development and goal setting.

Client B

The support given helped with matching our company needs with the right individuals, resulting in a higher quality pool of candidates for our job openings.

Client C


Pre-screen Interview Processing


Support Onboarding

of Recruitees 




Coach Recruitees 

Specific to Client Specifications


Participate on
Interview Panel


Candidate Behaviour and Cultural Adjustment Support


Careers Consultation


1 to 1 Mock Interview


Confidence Building


Career Change Counselling


After-care Support Post Relocation


Interview Mastery Techniques


Career Coaching


Personal Development Courses


Due Diligence Checks

for Documents required for Relocation


CV and Cover Letter Modification


Personal Budget Financial Management


Expert Guidance on Relocation Matters


Presentation, English Speaking and Writing Skills Improvement

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